10 Hour Video of Shia LaBeouf Watching All His Movies Back-To-Back

What more is there to say…Shia LaBeouf rented out a theater at the Angelika Film Center in New York and invited anyone brave enough to sit with him and watch every movie he’s ever made in reverse chronological order. The screening was free of charge and lasted three consecutive days (running 24 hours a day) starting on November 10th. What is he calling this epic movie marathon? What else: #ALLMYMOVIES by LaBeouf.

The edited video itself is 10 hours long, and exclusively shows LaBeouf’s face reacting (or not reacting) to his films. If you don’t happen to have 10 hours free, you can click through it or keep Shia running in the background like a live panda webcam.

[Spoiler alert: he doesn’t freak out, unless you count jumping up and laying on the floor at the back of the theater.]

You can watch #ALLMYMOVIES here now.