10 Things You Should Do Everyday

It’s really important to think about the future. Most of the plans you have throughout the day are part of a master plan to get you where you want to be in a week, a month, or even a few years from now. But sometimes we forget about living in the moment. Everyday is important. When done right, it creates the right mindset to tackle the most difficult parts of life and defeat your problems in combat! Here is a list of 10 Things people should do everyday.

1. Wake up early. It’s funny that I say this because I work the graveyard shift at a hospital and when I’m playing poker I’m usually out and about until about 3 or 4 am. However,  if I could, I’d like to wake up at around 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning (I actually do this when I’m off work for more than a couple of days). You’ll get to see the sun come out on most days, breakfast is THE best meal of the day, and when it comes to getting stuff done, you’ll be surprised how much more time you have when you get an early start; leaving you with more time and less stress.

2. Meditate. Meditation is an amazing thing. I’ve read articles like Five Suprising Benefits of Meditation on our website and it makes me feel great that other people get how beneficial it can be. The best time I like to meditate is in the middle of my day. It’s like a huge timeout. For just a few minutes today, you can refresh your mind, learn more about yourself and your thoughts, and keep moving forward with the rest of your day!

3. Talk to your parents. This is a hard one for some people. You may live far away or you just don’t really talk to them all that much but it will mean a lot to them if you do. Have lunch with them on a weekly basis if you can. Call them a few times a week and text them on the daily. Even a simple “I miss you” or “I love you” or “How was your day?” goes a long way!

4. Run or walk at least 30 minutes. Building up your stamina through running or walking gives you a lot more energy for your body to deal with the wear and tear of the daily grind. It’s also relaxing and it give you time to think.

5. Drink a cup of tea. If you’ve noticed, a lot of my suggestions have to do with relaxation and lowering stress levels. I really believe that you can do so much more and live a longer and happier life if you just do the little things; like drinking a cup of tea. It’s healthy and if you’re avoiding caffeine, drink decaffeinated tea. I haven’t hear anybody tell me they feel WORSE after a nice cup of tea…

6. Do something fun. Sometimes you get so busy in your day, you don’t end up doing anything that’s fun or enjoyable to you. It’s all work, work, work, and your days go by like one big blur. In all honesty, everyone has time. Even if its only an hour in your day or five minutes. Just stop what you’re doing and watch a funny video on youtube or read a few pages of that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

7. Learn something new. The best part about life is learning new things. You do it a lot when your younger but as you grow older you find yourself learning less and less. Well, stop that! Learning new things is amazing but it’s better when your going out there searching through the knowledge of the world instead of waiting for it to fall in your lap.

Fact of the day: Every year, 98% of the atoms in your body has been replaced by new atoms.

8. Try something new. There are always new experiences to be had. Don’t go to that same cafe for lunch or wear blue all the time. Try new things and new things will happen. It’s that simple.

9. Think about others. Many people get caught up in there own lives and forget that there are over six billion other people on this earth as well. I know we can’t always help others with everything we do but we can start to think about the things we can do. The best thing my mom ever taught me was good manners. I always try to open doors for people, say bless you when someone sneezes, and a variety of two second things that take a little bit of time but go a long way. So next time you see an opportunity, help someone with directions or give a homeless person a nice hot meal. 

10. Smile. The best for last. Smiling promotes happiness in yourself and others, changes negative feelings into positive ones, and pretty much is a good measure of how great your day is. So keep on smiling and I promise good things will happen.

Life goes by way too fast and the best way to slow things down are to do more meaningful things throughout ALL of your days. Success doesn’t come down to money, power or fame, it comes down to quality of life. So when life throws you lemons, wake up early, make some nice tea, share it with someone, and tell your mom that you love her with a big smile on your face!