2016 Fall Contemporary Street Trends To Shop For

KITH 2016 Fall Collection

As time passes, streetwear goes through a metamorphic cycle with each upcoming seasonal collection. Every year, new styles and trends come in and resonate with the masses. That is why we here at Collective Lifestyle have compiled our very own list of current and upcoming trends of contemporary streetwear for this year’s 2016 Fall season.

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Every Fall season comes the return of some essential Fall colors. This years essential Fall colors include dark tonal colors such as your sage greens and olives, your burgundy and maroon, tans and wheat, to even rust. On the lighter side of the color spectrum, colors include your creams and ivory, to even the palewave colors like salmon, and powder blues.

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For those who want to stand out from the crowd, this year’s Fall brings in some new bold statement colors to make sure you stand out from the rest. Catch the eyes of others with colors like royal blue, tangerine orange, and even mustard yellow.

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Contemporary pieces come and go so make sure you know what’s in before it’s gone. This Fall season brings in long sleeve graphic tees. Be able to stay warm while making your outfit pop with standalone pieces like these for those cool Fall days. However, for those days where you need a jacket, pop out an embroidered souvenir jacket set yourself apart from others. With intricate embroidery and flashy color blocking, the souvenir jacket is a real crowd pleaser for this year’s Fall look. Combine practicality with contemporary streetwear and your get yourself flight and cargo pants. Taking influence from the military, and the fit of streetwear, these pieces create a function forward look to your outfit and the way you dress.

For an optimized look, search for pieces that compliment your body type. Sometimes trends don’t fit who you are. Your style should reflect who your are as a person because at the end of the day, the purpose of fashion is to express who your are as your own unique individual.

Photo Source: Alpha Industries, Jack Threads, Kith