42 Year Old Nas Still Remains a Vanguard of Pop Culture

Nas 3

At the age of 42, Hip-Hop legend Nasir Jones continues to leave his mark on society whether it be in music, clothing, or even film making. Instead of riding the wave of his previous successes, Nas stays a busy man. With recent collaborations with French Montana, The Game, and even the infamous Kanye West, Nas has been making his way back into the music world. Mr. West himself has even promised president Obama that he would help produce the beats on Nas’ next studio album. Featured on DJ Khaled’s “Major Key”, Nas hints at his upcoming album on the track “Nas Album Done”.

Despite being the long time musical icon he has been, Nas has a deep reverence and passion for film making. The New York MC believes that film making is his “calling” as it has always been a dream for him to work on films. Nas gets to showcase his passions in the recently released film “The Land”. Not only was Nas the executive producer for the feature length film, he was also the producer for the soundtrack of the movie as well.

Nas 2

The rapper from Queens not only shares his life experiences through music but he also conveys his message through clothing. Nas gets the chance to show the fashion world his insight on the world around him through his upstart clothing brand “HSTRY”. Filled with plenty of ideas and experiences, Nasir Jones will have plenty of new content to look forward to coming soon. Even at the age of 42, Nas shows no signs of letting up on making his impact on our culture and society today.