5 Essential Items Women Need For Work Wardrobe

Alright ladies, are you having a difficult time finding the appropriate work clothes and while remaining stylish? Fear not, here’s a few ‘must-haves” that can spice up your professional wardrobe without losing style. I’ve worked as a student assistant for quite some years for both city and state agencies. Depending on your job, your work attire is different. If you work at a retail store, high fashion and trendy dressing is a must to advertise the style of clothes they sell. Working for a corporate business however, dressing professional is an essential. Many think business attire is simply slacks and a button up. Just because you work an office job, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with fashion. Now if you work a job that requires uniform, well then you don’t have to worry about what to wear each day and laundry is a lot less. So for those who just got an office job or looking into getting one, here’s are a few “must-have” that you can interchange between each style to make it your own.

1. Find a Unique Black Blazer. You can always depend on a black blazer to save the day. There have been countless days where I want to wear that shoulder showing shirt/dress, but it was just inappropriate for work. That was when the black blazer came in handy. There are many different styles of blazers so choose one that is not traditional. Choose a blazer that is unique. It can go with a button up, a dress, or over a camisole. It’s classy and shows that you also mean business.

2. Wedges are the Happy Medium. You don’t want to be known as the woman who wears her 6 in. pumps to work all the time. While heels do accentuate the woman’s legs, it also can take away that professionalism. For those who aren’t into heels, but bored of flats wedges may be your happy medium. Wedges are more comfortable and can match both dresses and pants. It adds a subtle chicness to your ensemble.

3. Timeless Pencil skirt. You don’t always have to resort to slacks or pants. Pencil skirts are a timeless style that can be worn for an interview or just a day’s work. It gives your wardrobe a feminine touch at the same time remaining business professional. You can match pencil skirt with a blazer and wedges or a classy collared button-up. Even a simple white v-neck and pencil skirt can make your outfit go from drab to fab.

4. Gotta Have Red lipstick. I was very skeptical about red lipstick at first, but who said red-lipstick is inappropriate for work? If you wear it with the right outfit, it gives you a bold cutting-edge that will make you stand out. If you find that you don’t feel like dressing to the nine, apply some lipstick. It not only brings color to your face, but color to your outfit.

5. A Pair of Good Flats. Unless you are a politician, there is no way you can go wrong with wearing a nice pair of flats to work. I know I mentioned about wedges being the happy medium, well sometimes a pair of flats for casual Friday works best. It’s comfortable and now there’s a variety of flats. You can dress up a hipster look with some cut-out flats. Or you can spice up your dress with some pointed-top flats. Flats are stylish and comfortable, so why not pick one that is different and unique.

There is so many other clothing and accessories you can incorporate to your professional wardrobe, these items are just to name a few. If you already possess these five items in your closet, then you are good to go. If the business world is fairly new to you, then hopefully these tips can help.



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