832: Two Hip Hop Artists Standing Out by Standing Up

What do you get when two brothers from Oklahoma City decide to embark on a musical journey to fulfill not only their passion for rap and hip-hop, but their passion for change and delivering a poignant message? 832. This is the name of the hip hop duo comprised of Nawlege 405 and Solomis. And no, they did not arbitrarily dub themselves 832; it turns out there is a significant reason for the seemingly ambiguous name.

832 was the number of their home before they saw it go up in flames. These upstanding young men have endured a great deal and are far from your ordinary hip hop artists. They are aware of the influence they have as performing artists and have chosen to use their platform to convey a substantial message, rather than one promoting a life of debauchery. What a novel concept…it would be refreshing to see others follow suit.

One example of this is their lead single “Burn” from their album “The RAP-ture” which was released just last November. When the song first begins, you have no idea what to expect as you hear the eerie sound of varied instruments until it segways into a contagious beat. You can imagine yourself jamming out to it in the comfort of your own home while studying for a sociology exam or dancing to it at your favorite nightclub.

My only fear is that the importance of the lyrics will get lost in the hypnotic beat. Like many other mainstream songs, it is hard to decipher exactly what is being said as not every word is enunciated appropriately. If Nawlege 405 and Solomis can find a way to use their catchy music to capture the attention of audiences while also clearly conveying the important lyrics, they will be golden.

You can get to know 832 better by visiting their website at