Adidas Prepare to Release New White NMD Sneakers In Time for Summer In the US

 White OG NMD 1 HDR

The Adidas NMD Runner and its City Sock counterpart has been without a doubt the most sought after shoe of 2016. The sneakers themselves has caused much commotion within the sneaker community as some releases have even caused riots in countries like Taiwan. With several releases that sold out worldwide, Adidas hopes to do it again this summer on July 15th as they are set to release a white version of the OG NMD and a new colorway for the City Sock in the USA.


White OG NMD 2

Already released in Europe a few weeks earlier, Adidas will now release a white version of their OG NMD in the states. Similar to the triple white pair that released in March, this version offers more life with its addition of colors that pay homage to the first pair of NMDs that released. A new colorway of the City Sock NMD will accompany the white OG’s. This pair will receive an all black upper with a blue stability plug in the back.


City Sock 1 (1)

This release will be no different from the previous as they will most definitely sell out. Mark down the final days as the release day approaches. With all the hype around the NMD, Adidas will for sure keep their momentum going with more releases coming out this year. For more information signup with Adidas here.

Photo Source: Adidas