Agenda Trade Show 2015 – Long Beach Recap Video

As 2015 gets started, so does the Agenda Trade Show. This past week, Agenda started off the year back in Long Beach at the Convention Center. As a follow up  CJ’s Two-Part review, I was able to conduct a small video production of some highlights from Day 2 of Agenda.

This was actually my first Agenda Trade Show and I have to say I was beyond excited to see what this trade was like from the inside instead of seeing it on social media. I got to meet various people from different brands and companies as well as network with people I came across. I have to say that you really do not know what to expect at  Agenda. My only Con about Agenda I have to say is that there are a few booths that were covered/blocked so that only serious buyers or close friends could see what retailers will be expecting later in the year yet it made sense at the same time. Not every booth would want to showcase to those who are not buyers and are attending Agenda as a guest or another Exhibitor.

Agenda is heading to New York next and then Las Vegas in February.


Video Source – JK Media
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