“Alien: Isolation” Reunites Original Film’s Cast

There’s not much that can be said about the 1979 film “Alien” that hasn’t already been said; the film is simply a landmark among movies. The makers of “Alien: Isolation”, which plot-wise features the daughter of Ripley who goes searching for her mother and takes place between the first two films, realize this and as a incentive for pre-ordering the game have created several bonus levels set aboard the doomed ship Nostromo and take place at several key moments from the film. For anyone who grew up afraid of the dark thanks to that movie it will definitely be a treat to relive and interact within such an iconic setting. While pre-order bonuses are usually superficial this one has the potential to be something special as it allows players to get the chance to live out parts of one of the most frightening movie ever made. Keep your fingers crossed that The Creative Assembly studio nail the fear and terror in “Alien: Isolation” that made the first few films so great; the game is due out October 7th.