Amazon Prime Air Delivers Its First Commercial

The future is now, and it can arrive on your doorstep in 30 minutes or less!

When Amazon first announced their plan to deliver packages by drone, I assumed it was only a clever marketing stunt. I’ve never been happier to admit I was wrong!

After eight months of planning and negotiating, the Federal Aviation Administration finally issued Amazon an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate, which allows them to test their package delivery service in the airspace below 400 feet. They granted the certificate with the restriction that all drones must be operated during the day and by a licensed pilot who maintains visibility of their drone at all times. The FAA will review monthly reports throughout the various testing stages until the project is ready for its official implementation.

There are several obstacles that Amazon will have to resolve before Prime Air can become fully operational such as battery life, inclement weather, and protecting drones from damage or theft.

And who, you ask, will be the spokesman for this game-changing evolution? None other than the king of all things that vroom and zoom, former co-host of BBC’s Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson.

Here is the first official commercial for Amazon Prime Air. Check it out!


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