Are You In Need Of A Spring Reboot?

Spring is here. The season of rebirth and growth. This means that it is a great time to shake off the winter and any heaviness with a full spring cleaning.

I was feeling mentally fuzzy these past few days and unconsciously began a reboot to let go of things that were taking up too much space in my life. I felt anxiety throughout the day, which blocked my creativity and ability to feel great. I decided to start addressing the habits I had been developing (eating pizza, lazing on the couch, scrolling through the internet for hours and ignoring my creativity), and setting intentions to change them. After a few days of rebooting, I am already feeling reenergized and back on track.

These steps may help you if you are in need of some space mentally and physically. I promise you will feel reenergized and spacious.

Start from the inside

Unhappy thinking – We all have that naysayer inside of us that sneaks up when we are most vulnerable. All of the fuzziness in my head drifted my thoughts from the usually bouncy and positive, to downright mean. I tried seeing myself from others points of view, but that made me feel like I was pulling from the external, not within. The solution: Mantras. Combined with mediation, mantras are a way to tap into your internal (and eternal) reservoir of abundance. My favorites are simple and empowering. “I am strong”, “I am wanted”, or “I have unlimited access to the abundance around me”. Make sure to check out Five Surprising Benefits of Meditation for some inspiration.

Diet – Eliminate any food/drinks that aren’t serving you. Some examples can be too much take-out, binge drinking, too much pizza, or anything that you know is making you feel drained. For me, this is bread and cheese. I love them, but feel sluggish and break out with acne when I eat too much, so I’m replacing them with more veggies and fruits. Know your body and fuel it with goodness.

Move your body –  Walking, biking, squats, crossfit, yoga. Whatever fits your style and interests, do it. For those of you, like me, who throw yourself into days of exercise, and then slowly lose momentum, finding a way to hold yourself accountable can help. Exercise with a friend, partner, or pop in a video that helps you visualize your movements! P.S. throw on some music while rebooting your “outside” and you have a double winner, movement and motivation!

Move to the outside

Home – De-clutter your space. College textbooks, random papers, mail, magazines, childhood mementos. Ask yourself: Do I really need these things? Whatever is way beyond used, throw it away. Old books and items have a chance at a new life when you share them. Try selling furniture on Craigslist, college books on Amazon, and donating magazines and literature to schools. They can use them for their libraries, and magazines are great for art projects.

Clothing/Beauty – Ladies and gentlemen, we buy too many beauty products. Get rid of those 3 year old hair products, makeup products, and random gels and scrubbers you will probably never use. Assess your closet. That sequined jacket collecting dust, those high schools jeans you haven’t worn since 11th grade? Yeah, they are space hoggers. Make a pile of clothing that is still useful and donate or resell them. In my building we have a “community table” where people leave items they no longer want. I placed a bag of clothes there on my way to the store, and when I came back someone had already grabbed it! It feels good to share with others, and nice to have a spacious closet!

Social Media/Technology – This is where we all need to make space. In this age where we have access to thousands of people and the ability to build a large virtual network, we can become overwhelmed. I love connecting with former classmates, learning about the amazing work they are creating, and feeling inspired by something they share, but sometimes I have to ask myself if I want to see their every update. I limited my friends list on Facebook, unfollowed celebrities and random sites, and purged my inboxes with no regrets. I spent a few hours unsubscribing from over 20 email lists because I hardly ever read them, don’t want to part with my money, and really…who needs a reason to buy more things that will just take up space?

There are plenty more actions you can take to reboot and reenergize your life personally, at work, or at home. If you were looking for a sign or motivation then here is me telling you: Reboot your life! 

How will you make space today?