The Best Movies to Watch This Christmas

Christmas is the holiday that seems to have the most build up. It’s all about the holiday spirit that Christmastime brings and, even though Christmas itself only lasts one day, if you get yourself into the holiday cheer, it will make the holiday

Make Your Love Last 70 Years

A recent love story has been floating around the internet, pulling at heartstrings all over the world. It is the story of Kenneth and Helen Felumlee, an Ohio couple, who were married for 70 years and died only twelve hours apart. A photo of them,

The Many Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is one of the hottest workouts today and I am one of its biggest fans. I am convinced that everyone can benefit from a good Zumba workout and that everyone should give it a try! These are some of my favorite aspects of a Zumba workout. Total

Will Conscious Uncoupling Become a Thing?

In the latest break-up heard round the world, we lost another Hollywood power couple. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin started the Hollywood baby boom and were key in popularizing weird celebrity baby names. Chris’s inspired music and Gwyneth’s

How to Work Efficiently From Home

When you have the luxury of working at home, sometimes it’s not a good thing for progress. You turn on the television, start surfing the web, and before you know it, it’s five in the afternoon and you have very little done with only

A New Way to Feed the Working Poor

It seems that every day new health food stores, organic brands, and healthier alternatives to everyday ingredients are popping up. Health for both the body and the mind is on the forefront of everyone’s brains these days. And it’s not a

Serializing Fiction to Fix our Attention

It’s not difficult to see why people today, especially—dare I say—Generation Y types, have a hard time focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. You could trace this back to the first media culprit that destroyed our minds. MTV.

Saving Money in the City

City life has its perks. There’s always an endless stream of places to go and fun to be had. But rent is high and the temptation to spend more than you have is constant. If you want to enjoy your time in the city, without coming out broke,