How to Handle Embarassment

It always begins with self-hatred. Even the smallest embarrassing moments can penetrate the mind with thoughts of insecurity and self-betrayal. Some moments can truly destroy your spirit. Feelings of embarrassment are normal after your embarrassing

No-Shave November is Here!

No-Shave November isn’t simply a fad for the hipster-oriented or an excuse to grow the burliest beard. Although the nomenclature of No-Shave November has become more popular than ever, there is actually a reason behind this hair-raising month:

All About Tibetan Singing Bowls

I lay in a trance with my eyes closed, ears listening, and body sensing the vibrations. I was in the middle of a meditative singing bowl class. Every vibration pierced me; some swept by while others overwhelmed. The sheer amount of sounds relaxed as

7 Meditation Tips for the Beginner

Meditation begins with intention. You must make a conscious effort to practice. In your practice, you must make a conscious effort in believing in change. Frustration will come and always come. But, that is life. Detach your ego and you will come

How to Hike Colorado’s Longs Peak

The difficulty of the jumbled rock-piled trail escaped my mind as my body tried to inhale as much oxygen as possible at an elevation of 13,000 feet. The sun rose an hour ago and the air felt slightly warmer than in the beginning of our hike at 2

Preparing Your Home for Travel

The flight is booked, bags are packed, and adventure is nearly underway. Before you leave your home for the weekend, a month, or a year, there are a few items to check off your list. Coming home to a perfectly manicured home brings nothing but joy

One Day in Paris

Be it you have a lengthy layover in the city of love or simply want the challenge of soaking up all this city has to offer in one day, Paris, France oozes with fantastic sights for the tourist and the traveler (yes, there is a difference). From the