Awesome Places to Order Your Custom EDC Outfit

Everyone in the PLUR world knows that EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner. Considering this is one of the biggest music festivals in America, it’s much better to be prepared now rather than later. For us women that means its finally time to whip out the daisy bras and fluffies. EDC newbies may be wondering where do all these pretty little rave girls get their costumes from. Some of them craft their outfits by hand at home using items you can find at your local craft store. For the creatively challenged there’s a whole market for custom made festival outfits that you can order from online. I have compiled a list of some of the best and most trustworthy online stores where you can order your own custom EDC outfit.


First up we have Kulturshop your ultimate stop for custom made flower crowns, head bands, and headdresses. (yes there is a difference) Don’t confuse Kulturshop’s designs with your typical daisy headbands. The owner Bridgette is a mega babe and a sweetheart who effectively combines classic native themes with EDM culture to deliver you a one of a kind piece. Free handmade gifts are given out with all purchases over $35.


2.Electric Laundry
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Electric Laundry
Ladies this right here is the holy grail of rave wear. There is no other place that will have the same quality and creditability as Electric Laundry. They are veterans in this game and now have celebrity clientele such as Paris Hilton and Holly Madison. When you see their designs you will immediately understand why they receive such positive recognition. They can take anything from Disney to Victoria’s Secret and recreate it to fulfill you wildest festival dreams.


3. Passe Designs

Passe Designs
Next up we have one of my favorites and in my opinion the originator of the elusive plunge daisy bra. Definitely the place to order from if you want to shine at EDC. The designers here are rhinestone fanatics and very detail oriented. Right now they are running an offer where orders of 2 or more get free shipping and a free daisy headband to complete the outfit.


4. Kanditoybox

Kanditoybox is a rave apparel site that completely redefines unique. The outfits you will find here are both amazing and incomparable. This site offers full custom kandi outfits that you will not find anywhere else. Kandi bra, kandi bikinis, kandi garters-if you can dream it, she can make it.

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The creators of the daisy monokini is back again this festival season. When ordering from SugarroxCouture expect your outfit to heavily decorated from head to toe. I’m talking bling for days, baroque style ruffles, and super cute bow accents. Their pieces have a very avant-garde feel to them thus ,making the couture in their name very fitting. This company understands that EDC is an expensive event to attend so they are also offering payment plans on their orders.


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