Back to Basics: Networking!

In the current decade finding a stable source of income is essential for shelter, food, starting a family, and education. Finding a permanent solution to your financial obligations has become increasingly complicated with the growth of college educated individuals with striking resumes, the misuse of social media, and the countless jobs that are listed on job boards like Career Builder and Monster. At this moment in time, many employers are returning to the basics as they place advertisements in local publications, on the window of their business, and through recommendations from friends, colleagues, or current employees. Networking has become a necessity for those that are job hunting or seeking a new opportunity. It is much easier for a potential employer to invest in a physical person over a paper version of yourself. By engaging with potential employers and professionals around you, you will become available to endless opportunities and may find your search for a job less stressful and arduous.

Networking Tips:
1. Be mindful of items posted to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
2. Start a LinkedIn Profile (remember: Be mindful of anything you post).
3. Join professional groups and organizations in your community. Don’t just Join an organization, Engage!
4. Volunteer with a non-profit organization.
5. Connect with everyone… including with those that seem to be nowhere near your profession.


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