Bathing Suit Accessories for Un-Basic Beaches

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to get out your bathing suit but that tiny spandex suit alone isn’t going to cut it, with the right accessories you can wear your bathing suit to the beach, a dinner date and everywhere in between. Read on to find out which accessories are beach worthy and which ones are better left at the bottom of your beach bag.

Cover ups are a great addition to your bathing suit and with so many options there is sure to be one to suit everybody’s style. When choosing a cover up avoid a tight fighting dress which can lead to a severe case of “drip boobs” once you are wet instead opt for a loose fitting cotton dress with a boho inspired pattern, an oversized button up shirt for a preppy look or a crochet tunic to add a little sexiness.

Hats are not only stylish but protect you from harmful UV rays and keep you from peeling which is totally unappealing (corny pun intended). Floppy, wide brimmed straw hats add a little glam factor to any bikini; fedoras and boat hats look great with floral themed bathing suits.

Shoes are an important part of the outfit, that sand can be really, really hot! There are many different suitable options to choose from but one rule to stick to is no high heels at the beach or pool, it’ll make you look like a Miss America contestant and even they look odd wearing those bikinis with heels (seriously, who does that?). If you want to add length to your legs try a pair of wedges, a pair of gold sandals provides instant chic-ness to your suit while gladiator sandals will add a casual and rustic touch.

Jewelry can really add to your outfit but when pairing with a bathing suit the key is less is more, especially if your are planning on getting in the water. Pick out statement pieces that accentuate the print on your suit, for example if you have a nature print add a feather necklace for a hippie-chic feel or pair a nautical bikini with some rope bracelets.

Of course you need a bag to pack all your “fun in the sun” goodies. Avoid leather materials since the bag will be damaged if in direct sunlight for too long. A canvas backpack with a bright print, totes with fun patterns are practically made for the beach or a transparent bag makes it easier to find what you need when you need it.

What are your favorite bathing suit accessories?


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