Best friend since birth – the precious gift called ‘elder sister’

A younger version of mother, a stricter version of teacher, a supportive form of friend, a mischievous partner in adventures – an all-in-one package that walks with me through every thin and thick, this bond of sisterhood is nothing less than a gift wrapped in endless love. Caring, supporting, trusting, understanding, guiding, helping, motivating, shouting; my elder sister has been donning several hats and playing diverse roles for the little kid in me.

A newest member to the club of motherhood, as she explores parenting, I am convinced of her loveable skills for my cute nephew! With prior experience of handling me, she was ready for this role right from my birth!

Eagerly waiting for a little companion, she started preparations for my grand welcome. From then, started a strong bond for life. Sharing every single detail and lending peaceful ear to every tiny thought in my mind, her presence offered a lot than I could ask for. With her friendly approach, yet disciplined conduct, her attempts shaped me into a wonderful human. Giving me freedom to experiment, while waiting far in vicinity, she encouraged me to be self-reliant and independent in every task at hand.

Undoubtedly elder sisters are the creator’s way of assigning us with a friend for life. No matter how elder one grows or what seniority level one achieves, elder sisters continue to look at us with matured eyes and guiding vision.

While pondering about their role in our lives, certain aspects touched my heart inspiring me to celebrate this blessing called ‘elder sister.’

  • Elder enough to understand, young enough to discuss

Being senior in age, elder sister understands our feelings really well. Having more experiences and numerous encounters, she can comprehend our challenges with doses of perfect help. While the age gap with parents leave us worried quite often, elder sister is the right stop for all kinds of solution!

From convincing my parents to gift me novelties to convincing them to let me roam around with friends, my sister has indeed worked a lot!

  • Best critic, honest opinions…

As a mirror reflecting all our talents, shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, elder sister assumes the responsibility of a perfect critic. Guiding us through numerous blocks on the path, their honestly inspires us to act. Backed with true and pure love, as they encourage us for every little task ahead, they unknowingly sow seeds for our bright future.

  • Happy to help, eager to encourage 

Be it a challenging assignment or novel work, be it a new restaurant or unusual fashion style, be it  shopping or any adventure on our bucket list, sisters are more than happy to partner, accompany and explore things in life. As a confirmed traveler in our adventures, I feel glad to have 1+1 support in everything.

  • Practical advices, tried and tested formulas

                 Though they force us to try, fall, rise and repair all by ourselves, their advices and experience-filled knowledge provide perfect tips to initiate a task. Well versed with reaction of parents, elder sisters are the safest guide to frame words for requests or demands! With piece of advice and words of caution, they fill our bags with much needed survival kit.

  • Private fighter, public protector

While elder sisters love to command and boss and younger siblings love to retaliate and oppose; fights, arguments, disagreements and conflicts are bound to rise. Agreeing to disagree, every single aspect witness set of troubles. Though these hiccups intrude within the private space, for the world our union is one forever. Without any momentary thought, when my elder sister stands up for me against anyone on our way, this sweet-sour relation could not have been tastier!

Such is the magic and power of this wonderful gift, right since birth. While we may not realize the value of this gift in childhood, its influence draws us to appreciate and miss it every single day during adulthood.

As kids while we hoped to stay away and enjoy our peace, those same moments have transformed into wonderful memories of today. Lots of love to our elder sisters, after all they are precious by all means.


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