Big Kid Clothing – Australia’s Very Own

Streetwear Culture has seen brands come and go. Some brand’s identities have led them to flourish in an environment where the freshest trends dissolve quicker than the mints in your mouth – one of these brands being Big Kid Clothing. 


Lately, streetwear has veered far from the message and concept of fashion and has started to lean towards whatever is trending. As new fads arise, many begin to forget that the entire point of fashion is to identify yourself as an individual. To put it simply, just Be Yourself

Manufactured from the finest quality fabrics in Australia, BKC has honed in on really standing out and setting a different image for themselves. Yet, though their cut and sew characteristics are rarely seen in other brands, they are more than just a clothing company. From its graphics stripped all the way down to its name, BKC is a philosophy that:

“Growing older is inevitable. Growing up however remains optional.”


Only time can tell what this wondrous brand has in store for the world of streetwear. One thing is for certain, however; they’ve relentlessly made their mark from creativity and desire and won’t stop just because somebody tells them to. After all, they are Big Kids.


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