Burning Man Extends to Ten Days

I have yet to make the pilgrimage during the hot Nevada summer to Black Rock City, but I like to stay updated on what’s going on with the legendary Burning Man gathering and learn about its inner workings. It was just announced that the week long festival that takes place at the end of each August is extending its time on the Playa to ten full days of art, entertainment, and self-sustainability.

The forum posted a note they received from the Burning Man organizers, stating, “In 2014, through coordination with the BLM, we will be opening the Black Rock City Gate to participants earlier and closing it later in order to maximize use of daylight hours, minimize traffic impacts on local roads, smooth out traffic flow, and create a safer travel situation for everybody.”

The note goes on to clarify that this is a one-year “experiment” for 2014. If there is a significant difference in traffic issues and everything goes smoothly, this could mark a permanent change and milestone for Burners across the globe!

To read the full message released to the public, you can follow the link below to the forum: