Dj Premier Sets Off Bars in the Booth

Preemo sets it off with a new venture and with that we can only expect the best coming from the legendary Dj whose name is on the tongues of new school and veteran emcees. “Bars in the Booth” is just that. One incredible emcee of Dj Premier’s choice in a booth rhyming over ill beats, if that ain’t keeping Hip Hop alive well I don’t know what is…raw lyrics, no chorus, over a Premier beat. Classic.

First up for Session One was Papoose whose name and rhymes I hadn’t heard of in a hot minute was dropping gems like he never left the mic. The New York native represented himself well, 3 minutes 10 seconds of a quick storytelling tale, then back to the streets reppin’ Coney Island, Harlem, Brooklyn, then reminding cats about his “alphabetical slaughter”, I mean who could forget that; it was one of the wittiest mic assassinations. I gotta give it to Papoose he still rockin it right.

Today we share with you Dres of Black Sheep and Native Tongue, “Mr. You Can Get With This”, another lyricist we have not had the chance to hear from unless you have been dippin in your cassette or vinyl crates.

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