E3 2014: “Far Cry 4” Brings the Mayhem, Elephants

The acclaimed “Far Cry” series is back, bringing with it an all-new world to run-and-gun through. This time set in the fictional country of Kyat, think Nepal complete with towering Himalayan mountains, players find themselves caught up in a bloody civil war and in direct opposition of the evil dictator. Boasting impressive graphics, this is a fully realized world where you can do anything, from simply wandering the countryside and watching the different animal species interact or you can don a wingsuit and soar among the mountains. There is so much more to do in this game than simply shooting; one of the most spectacular parts of the E3 demo was the rampaging elephant, a sight that you have to see for yourself. Dropping November 18th on all consoles and for PC, “Far Cry 4” looks to be every bit of fun as you would hope a game that includes riding war elephants would be.