E3 2014: “No Man’s Sky” Soars Among the Stars

For anyone who has ever wanted to fly their own spaceship among the stars, this one is for you.

Looking to be the indie game to beat, “No Man’s Sky” will allow players to explore a whole universe filled with fully-realized planets each with their own ecosystems and hazards. If planetary exploration isn’t your thing then take to the stars and engage in some dog fights with other spaceships. The footage of the game looks beautiful with its colorful retro design and the game is all the more impressive when you learn that only four people are behind its creation. “No Man’s Sky” seeks to recapture the joy and fun of video games that has long been absent having been replaced by grizzled main characters and apocalyptic settings.¬†While no official release date has been set “No Man’s Sky” is one to keep an eye on the heavens for its arrival.