E3 2015: “Dark Souls III” Announced, Promises Death And Despair

As this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo gets under way, From Software has unveiled the third of their acclaimed Dark Souls series. This comes as not that big of a surprise since rumors and leaks about the game have been frequent these past two weeks with details coming out about possible gameplay features such as the ability to equip special sword moves and how your actions in the game world can impact or even outright change the bosses you’ll have to go up against. The biggest, and most welcome, surprise is that original Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is returning to direct the game, fresh off the rampant success of his most recent game, Bloodborne. The world of Dark Souls III in the trailer looks to be as grim and mysterious as ever and will no doubt bring up all manner of questions from fans as they eagerly await this punishing next chapter.


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