Embracing The Single Life

You flip through the channels on the remote and it seems like ever TV show or movie you see flashing before your eyes show the same thing. A story about two people who fall madly in love with one another and they live happily ever after. Sure you may think it is too good to be true, but in the back of your mind you may wish you could be those same people on TV. Or you may see your friends having wonderful relationships that look so perfect on the outside that it almost seems surreal. Yet you watch from the sideline feeling happy for your friends while hoping one day you could have what they have. Constantly thinking in your mind, “ When will my true happy ending come?” For many people living the single life can get a bit lonely and frustrating at times. Especially after endless efforts of trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right you may start to lose hope. Whether it may be through online dating, a mutual friend, or associating with people when you go out in public you start to feel like you have tried it all.

When it comes to dating and relationships it can be an adventure itself. Going through the process of meeting new people and trying to find that spark or connection. Making sure the person is genuine and not some psycho maniac. Knowing you can be yourself around that person and not feeling too awkward if you do something wrong. Taking the time to get to know one another from the inside and out so you can build a healthy relationship and even a better friendship with that person. These are all things most of us look for in relationships and even when it comes to dating. Which is why sometimes it is better not to look so hard. The reasons of how fate and why things happen in life is a true mystery. You never know whom you will meet or who will sweep you off your feet. The undying suspense of not knowing whom you will encounter is something that makes dating fun for most people.

Even despite how fun dating can be, there are still some people who just want to find their special someone. Yet in reality for those who cry the blues about being single there is actually some light at the end of tunnel. Being single and spending time alone is not always a bad thing to begin with. The time that you are not devoting to someone else, you can use that time to work on yourself. Making sure you are reaching all your goals in life and making a positive impact on your life as well. The time that you spend by yourself is the time that is most precious. In order to love someone else, you must first learn to love yourself. Also you have to be ready to make that commitment and bring all or nothing to the table when it comes to a relationship.


The more you think about meeting someone, the later it will happen. When the time comes you will meet someone. Someone especially made for you and only you. The key is you just have to allow for time and patience. Because the more you rush for these things to come, the sooner it could be over before it even starts. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.


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