EP Review: Mr. Green – One Day

About a month ago, Mr. Green, popular hip-hop producer, dropped seven tracks as an EP, which was something of a surprise to fans. He titled the EP “One Day”, which I assume was due to the fact that the instrumentals had all been created that same day. He got immediate responses after asking followers if he should wait or upload immediately, and a link was posted right before midnight. Before clicking the link however, it would be best to grab a pair of headphones, as the content does get a bit heavy for a moment.

Although there may not be enough source for a particularly lengthy discussion on a twelve minute EP consisting almost entirely of instrumentals, there is a bit that can be said about these seven tracks. Admittedly, the title track, “Yeah”, is probably the least memorable of the tracks. Not the strongest of intros but the good news is that its vintage sound and mood make the best not unbearable and, fortunately, it only gets better, much better. Also important to know that this abstract/vintage sort of atmosphere is present throughout the whole EP.

“Ninja Secrets” is the second track on the EP, and continues to maintain the chill vibe with a simple beat made up of piano, bass, and drums. The beat is dropped after a short conversation between a man and woman, where the man explains how he is in in danger of being assassinated due to his knowledge of ninja secrets. Again, I can only assume this is taken from an old film, and the abstract tone of the ep is further enhanced by this. The song ends with a 20th Century monologue about New York City and its socioeconomic variety.

The next track is another simple beat, “Umpire”, which is a cool short instrumental, one that you can pull out with your friends for a quick freestyle. That is, if your into that sort of thing. Regardless, it’s straightforward and serves as a good transition into the next instrumental, “Shul”. The song samples the vocals and guitar of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Gone the Rainbow”, which is a version of a traditional Irish song, sung in Irish language. It’s a catchy, interesting little track, especially if one takes the time to look up the lyrics.

The fifth track is titled “600 million”, a piano and drum beat which furthers the New York theme with a 1972 President Richard Nixon speech in which he addresses the need for money in New York in order to fight drug abuse. Overall, a solid and catchy beat. Next track is the controversial segment of the EP, “Games”, featuring a perverted, foul-mouthed Uncle Milo. His high pitched, sexually-explicit banter can be heard throughout the song. It is likely that some will be bound to take offense to its seemingly sexist nature, however it is not likely that this is the intention, but rather to comically and artistically portray a character we have all seen in our lives, the filthy-minded old man.

The journey comes to an end with the song “European Vacation”, which sounds like exactly that. A mix of hip-hop and what sounds like French accordion music, accompanied by a vocal melody that soothes the stressed soul, this final track leads the EP to a tight finish. What we don’t get is a grand finale to wrap up the show and leave you satisfied, but rather a tight finish consistent to the rest of the EP which will leave you with the urge to restart the EP from the beginning. “One Day” is definitely an interesting piece of work, and is worth a listen when one gets the spare time. It is a great EP to sit back and relax to, and will undoubtedly have listeners repeating for days, or, in my case, weeks! (and counting..)