Fall for Socks

A new trend is on the rise – above your knees. Crazy, zany socks aren’t just for your grandma anymore. With Fall approaching around the corner, every fashion magazine out there is telling people what pieces they need to have in their wardrobes, and they all seem to agree that boring old white ped socks are out, and patterned, graphic, and knitted socks are in.

If you walk into just about any up to date women’s fashion retail store, long socks will be lining the wall somewhere. Long socks with boots will always be a hit on the Fall fashion hit or miss scale. This year, though, they’re popping up paired with dresses to transition into the colder months. Grab a pair of oxfords and a skirt and of course some long socks, play the famous hit “these socks were made for walking” and you’re good to go.

Another sock staple seen scattered throughout stores is graphic socks. With prints of anything from sushi to flying cats, there’s a sock for everyone in this fashion trend. You can wear them with shorts and Converse or peeking through jeans rolled at the ankles, just make sure people can see your cool sock statement.

A word to the wise, however – like all fashion statements, this is one that can go wrong. Just because we are now allowed to wear grandma’s socks does not mean we should look like grandma. With that in mind, laces and frills should be kept to a minimum – a general rule of thumb is that if it looks like a doily, don’t wear it. Knits are the closest thing you should get to the ways of grandma in this particular style.

If it’s difficult to decide on the perfect pair of socks, a few websites out there provide a solution for those who feel sock-inspired but indecisive. Move over, magazines, subscriptions aren’t just for glossy pages anymore. Sites like,, or provide a service where customers can pay a one time fee for an entire year and get a pair of crazy socks shipped to them each month.

So get ready this fall to be a knock-out by getting your crazy socks out and knocking some socks off. (Sorry for all the sock puns, but not really.)


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