Film Icon Richard Attenborough Passes Away At 90

Famed British actor and director Sir Richard Attenborough passed away this weekend after a long life of cinematic achievements. From his early works in World War II films such as “The Great Escape” to his later years spent directing award winning films such as “Gandhi” and “Chaplain”; the former netting Sir Attenborough eight Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture. Sir Attenborough also devoted much of his time championing various charities and causes, including serving for 33 years as the president of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. However he was most well known, especially for children of the 90’s, for his role as John Hammond from Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”. Attenborough brought a sense of wonder, heart, and even sadness (as seen in the melancholy flea circus scene) to the wealthy park creator and he will be forever remembered for ushering us into a world of danger and awe. Rest in peace Sir Richard Attenborough and thank you for welcoming us all to Jurassic Park.

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