Finding Your Voice

While YouTube may be a great site for entertainment, it’s also a tool for learning and furthering your education beyond the classroom.

If you’re diving into a profession that requires creativity (i.e., a singer, a rapper, a DJ), but are having trouble figuring out your style, this video is a must-see.

James Victore, an artist, activist, author and fire starter from Brooklyn, New York, is known for his timely wisdom and thoughts on design. He shows us how five minutes a day on YouTube can make a big difference.

In his video series, Burning Questions, he answers questions about life, love, and work, in a blunt manner, hoping to help individuals reveal their inner strengths and talents. His episode, “How do I find my voice? My style?” he keeps it real with viewers, telling them what they’re doing wrong: “The problem is, you’re looking around too much…You’re not listening.”  We tend to spend way too much time looking at what’s fashionable and successful. We might look for the best in the field, and try to mimic what they’re doing. Not only is this overwhelming, but it creates unoriginal work.

In order to find your voice or style, you have to LISTEN. James reminds his viewers that there was a time when he completely sucked. Sound familiar? He breaks down how to find your voice in 3 easy steps:

  1. Learn everything
  2. Forget it
  3. Design

James’s video summarized: “You can only find your own voice when you abandon what everyone else considers ‘good’ and make the work YOU like.” Learn everything you can about the subject or field. Throw all that knowledge away. Start designing by following what sounds good to YOU. Simple, right?





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  1. This is so so interesting. Who would have thought? Very cool.

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