Flower Bombs for Bees: Encouraging Bee Conservation

Cascadian Farm Organic, a popular organic food brand, has been growing organically since 1972. With such a love for the environment and sustainable agriculture, this brand has paired with the Xerces Society, a nonprofit committed to bee conservation, and the University of Minnesota to save precious bee habitats and restore current bee colonies.

Cascadian Farm Organic has exposed the importance of bee conservation through their flower bomb video, part of their Bee Friendlier program. A flower bomb is a hard, clay ball that is infiltrated with wildflower seeds. View this awesome video of Cascadian Farm Organic ‘bombing’ a barren field with these innovative flower bombs.

About Bee Population Decline

The bee population is in a worldwide struggle and our food security is at stake. The reasons behind such catastrophic declines depend on a variety of factors such as loss of bee habitat, disease and parasites, and the exposure to deadly pesticides. We truly rely on these helpful insects to pollinate our crops. Bees consume the nectar inside flowering plants. While inside the flower, pollen attaches to the bee’s body. The bee visits various flowers, transfers the pollen, and fertilizes the flower for reproduction.  Currently, 90 percent of the world’s plant-based nutrition is pollinated by these busy bees.

How YOU Can Help

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