Future Interview: Round 1

At some point or another, you may find yourself in a position to prepare for your first real-world position or a very significant internship that may lead to amazing opportunities. There are five items to assure that you have completed in order to feel and be more confident, the moment you walk through the doors to your interview.

  1. Dress for Success

When preparing for an interview, the clothing must always reflect a professional appearance. Men should wear black or brown dress shoes, a belt that matches your shoes with a nice pair of slacks and a button down shirt that matches along with a tie and jacket if possible. In addition, make an attempt to either cut or style your hair and the only jewelry that should be seen is a wedding ring or watch on your wrist. For women, the dress should consist of slacks or a skirt that stops either before or after the knees, 2-4 inch heels, blouse or a button down shirt (many women prefer men button-down dress shirts). Women may wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches, but attempt not to wear any more than two pieces of jewelry.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Prior to any interview it is not uncommon for our nerves to leave us anxious and excited all at the same time and in these instances the ability to focus is minimal, leaving very little life experience and knowledge of ourselves to speak of in the interview. Everyone must keep in mind that “practice makes perfect”, the more you prepare and practice the more direct and meaningful your answers as questions about experience, education and your extracurricular activities are expected.  The main way to prepare for an interview is to have someone ask you questions about your experience, education, and hobbies. When answering the questions it is necessary to let the best sides of your personality shine and a great way to show this is to always answer with a sentence and add one anecdote that applies to the topic at hand. While a little story is a nice personable touch, do not forget to add in a question in reference to the position before they ask. Interviews in this day and age should feel like a conversation amongst friends rather than business as many employers want their employees to feel like a close-knit family.

  1. Background Check

Some employers will conduct criminal and social media based research on a viable applicant for employment, adding pressure to assure that you are able to explain any discrepancies with in your past. It is important for all candidates for employment to complete their own research on themselves via google and credit reports, but also research the positive and negative aspects of the company you wish to join.

Free credit reports may be found at

  1. Self-Reflect

When researching yourself and any information that may be found on the internet or anywhere regardless of if the information is good or bad, reflect on your discoveries. Self-reflection gives a great perspective on the growth that one experiences throughout life. In any interview, the ability to reflect on one’s experience on the spot is a asset in order to show your capability to think on your feet and analyze lessons learned from any situation.

  1. Dream Big & Aim High

There is such a thing as being happy with a modest life, but employers love employees with ambition, people that have dreams and are not afraid to chase them to the ends of the world. Having career goals and goals that make your life better is always a positive and shows everyone around you that you are going places. Past supervisors, friends, and family that see the ambition and wish you success will stand in your corner and assist in any way possible.

If you feel confident and happen to be smiling the moment that your interview is finished and you have left the building, then it is promising to say that everything went amazingly because you were prepared and you gave your best.


PS. The next day, take individual written thank you cards to those that interviewed you. It is a nice touch.


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