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During the holidays, one gets the feeling of wonderment, warmth, and nostalgia among other things. Sometimes holidays can be a painful time as well. As this holiday season grows closer to Christmas, I have been filled with a mix of both. I am sure others can agree with me.


For me, this holiday season brought back fond memories of childhood. Growing up as a 90’s kid meant getting the trendiest toys from Toys R’ Us or KB Toys (shout out to the kids who remember that one lol). I remember that madness reigned in and around the store, and parents rushing in to claim what their child rightfully owns. My parents were one of those crazy trend maniacs that wanted their kid to have the latest and greatest. Remember Pogs? How about Furby’s or Tamagotchi’s? My parents thought I should have it all. I’m sure some elbows were thrown to make sure I had the right style and color as well. I laugh now thinking about how 90’s Christmas movies often portrayed the toy store craziness a kid like me grew up with. I’m sure my parents actually thought I deserved a “Turbo Man” too…if it was real (shout out to those that know that reference too).


All the fond memories of friends come and gone, loves gained and lost, one thing always stands out regardless of the good or bad. No matter the circumstance, I celebrate it all and have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my life. Gratitude is something we all have from time to time, but for the holiday season, I find that this feeling comes out in a special way. Somehow we all share this feeling on some level, and find a way to express it to our nearest and dearest. I believe this is evident by the random texts or phone calls from friends of long past, or by the extra hugs mom gives just because. It is also shown by the frequency you see family and loved ones, and how much deeper the conversations can become. For those experiencing painful times, I hope there are hints of gratitude tied in with the happy moments related to that experience, and in some way find peace.


Regardless of what this season may bring, I hope that somewhere we find that there is truly a lot to be thankful for, and that we should count our blessings and try and share that happiness with others. I hope that all our fond memories can bring family and friends closer, as well as reconnect us with our past in positive ways.


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