How to Pack the Perfect Clutch for Every Holiday Party

The holiday season is in full swing and it seems this time of year is packed with more parties than there are basic cable Christmas specials, from friends-giving and ugly sweater parties to work Christmas parties there is always somewhere to be (I’m not complaining). The type of clothes you wear to each party may be different but there is always one accessory that’s perfect for any holiday occasion, the clutch.

The clutch may look chic and stylish but the size doesn’t always make them convenient especially if you’re one of those girls that carry a tote sized bag filled with so many items it would put Mary Poppins to shame. When using a clutch this holiday season make sure to only pack what you will need for the night. It may not always be easy to choose so read on to find out the must-haves you need in your clutch to get through any holiday party.

Cell phone, i.d., money- These go without saying, they are always must-haves.

Blotting papers/powder puff- If your face tends to get shiny than blotting papers and a powder puff are definite clutch essentials. The papers do not take up much room and the powder puff is a great replacement for a compact and takes up less than half the space.

Bobby pins- These hair clips can be beneficial in so many situations (perfect replacement for a missing button) and if you are wearing up dos to any parties they work well for quick hair fixes.

Mirror- A mirror is great for makeup touchups; just choose one with a slim design.

Double sided tape- This miracle tape is a definite for long nights out, it can fix so many different fashion emergencies, put a roll in your clutch and be ready for any mishap the fashion gods may throw your way.

Lipstick- Since the clutch offers limited space you may not be able to carry tons of makeup with you but do you really want to spend the whole night doing touchups at a party? Pack a lipstick which can be applied quickly and will keep you looking fresh all night.

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