“How to Train Your Dragon 2” Review

Sequels can get made for a variety of reason. Some are honest  and want to continue the story or building the world set down by the first movie but all too often sequels are money grabs aimed at cashing on a brand name.

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” thankfully soars above the common sequel pitfalls.

Picking up years after after the first movie, audiences are reunited with Hiccup and Toothless as they explore the world around their island home. There is a great sense of adventure and discovery prevalent in the movie and the visuals back this up. Boasting some of the most impressive animation ever displayed in movie with astounding looking landscapes and the dragons themselves are all uniquely designed but all of this would make for a hollow world if it was not also populated by characters the audience could care about; thankfully “How to Train Your Dragon 2” has that in spades. Hiccup and his fellow vikings interact in a more human and realistic manner than most live action films; watch for this in an especially funny scene between Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid. The vikings and their dragons elevate the film far beyond what could have been a simple kids movie into a story heart and emotion but it is still not without a few faults. The main villain feels a bit generic and the plot could have been a bit stronger had it moved around its order of events but these are minor compared to the movie as a whole. Overall the movie is an achievement in terms of both visuals and characters and should not be missed by audiences of any age. “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is out now in theaters.