It All Starts with Motivation

Success can mean many different things, and although there is no clear universal definition, there are certain things a person needs in order to reach their goals. Yes, a person needs to take initiative and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, but they also need to have a reason to do what they are doing. If there is no reason, then what is the point in all of the work toward the goals? A person needs motivation in order to succeed, no matter what their definition of success is.

Like the definition of success, motivation will vary based on the individual. Some people may be motivated purely by money, in which case their definition of success would likely be wealth. Although this may be a self-centered and selfish perspective, these people will have a higher chance at succeeding than those with no motivation purely based on their drive and motivational factor.  When considering your life, the goals you wish to accomplish, or your ability to succeed, there needs to be a factor in your life that motivates you.

For some people, as previously mentioned, their motivation is purely money. However, for many others, there is an underlying cause, but it may not be stressed enough and thus doesn’t result in a strong motivational factor. Motivation can be a loved one or significant other, the desire to be the best at what you do, or even just to prove to someone else that you CAN do what you want. Whatever this underlying cause is, it should be brought to attention because it will be the driving force needed to succeed. If you do not have a driving force pushing you towards a certain goal, it may be best to focus on some smaller factors that can be considered motivation, until there is a defined factor and goal.

Whether you are looking to be the best athlete at your school, the best employee at your company, or the best job applicant for a particular position, make sure that you have motivation for what you want. If you do, you will ultimately be able to obtain whatever it is that you desire; all it takes is something fueling your desire.