Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg Get Reflective In “The End of the Tour” Trailer

Sundance darling “The End of the Tour” has finally unveiled a trailer and it looks to be a pretty impressive departure from Jason Segel’s (“How I Met Your Mother”, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) typical comedic roles. The film finds him playing David Foster Wallace, the troubled author of Infinite Jest, who is joined by reporter David Lipsky, the always-reliable Jesse Eisenberg, as the pair undertake the cross country book tour for Wallace’s critically acclaimed book. As the tour grinds on the two men get to know each less as reporter-and-subject but as friends and the film looks to be even casting a light on Wallace’s battle with depression. “The End of the Tour” is expected to get a limited release at the end of July and from the praise it’s been garnering so far it looks like it will be well worth your time to track it down.



Photo Source: Screen shot from YouTube