Khalid and Brasstracks come together to create “Whirlwind”


Adidas Originals and Yours Truly bring 18 year old El Paso musical artist Khalid and Brooklyn producers Brasstracks together to create a new single for their original series, Songs From Scratch. Both artists continue to make a splash in the music world as they present us their new single, Whirlwind.

Combining elements of jazz, r&b, and soul, this new single was almost entirely extemporized with little hindrance of mind. By doing so, Khalid and Brasstracks bring an organic and human sound that flows with the rhythm they have spontaneously constructed. Brasstracks’ use of chaotic horns and drums designs a contrast in sound that surprisingly compliments Khalid’s soulful and mellow vocals to create somewhat of a whirlwind of sound you might say.

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Mediasource: Songs From Scratch, Adidas Originals, Brasstracks, SoundCloud