Learn On Me – A Collective Art Show By Sam Danan

As a young girl, Sam Danan skipped the “fantasy” wedding daydream and instead, dozed off to a dream of one day curating her own “fantasy” art show and charity event to showcase talented friends she’s met from various stages of her life. Thanks to Hurley for lending Sam their H-Space Warehouse and her friends and family for guidance and support, that daydream has finally come to life. “Learn On Me” is a collective art show, which is an homage to individuals who Sam has leaned on and learned from throughout her creative career, as she also pays tribute to a Bill Withers classic. The artists come from unique backgrounds, playing with various types of mediums within their spaces, which will allow them to expose the artists they are today. Continuing her artful allegiance, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Orange County Therapeutic Arts Center in Santa Ana. This non-profit organization helps children with disabilities and at-risk youth realize their highest potential in life by allowing them to express themselves through non-scientific art and music therapy. There will be a raffle including prizes like gift cards from Umami Burger and Belly Bombz, just to name a couple, giving those who donated to the event a chance to win. There will also be music and video mixing provided by DJ Skitz, the Ninjas With Appetite (NWA) food truck and Japanese fondue desert from Yojie Shabu Shabu. “Learn On Me” is an all-ages and FREE event in Southern California, so we invite everyone to come support and enjoy the show. The event takes place this Friday June 27th from 6-10pm at Hurley HQ 1945 Placentia ave., Costa Mesa, 92627.


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