Lights Are The Main Event

Gloving is a rising dance form of the hands, using colorful LED strobe lights inside gloves to bring the movements of the fingers to life. It strikes a balance between dance, art and sport, allowing for a diverse and talented community to flourish both inside and out of the Electronic Dance Music scene.

The gloving world has reached new heights this year, gaining national exposure on ABC’s Shark Tank in the Spring and closing its books on the first national BOSS Gloving Competition season this fall. The International Gloving Championship is the largest gathering of glovers and light show artists, which puts winners in the spotlight for the main event, the Legends Tournament. This year’s International Gloving Championship will be held on Saturday October 10th, 2015 at 12PM at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. The event is being hosted by some of the most well-known leaders in the industry, from EmazingLights, iHeartRaves, Into the AM, Electric Styles, Monster and MYVL. 

After the current reigning champion Ice Kream Teddy took home the first Legends title last year, the famed 16-man single elimination tournament is making its second run with even more rivalries between gloving crews, regions and sponsored glovers alike. Winners from previous IGCs include: Ice Kream Teddy, Thumper and Munch will face off against this years regional winners, Rhapsode (Huntington Beach, CA), Vex (Lithia, FL), Machine (Houston, TX), Pilgrim (Frenchtown, NJ), Jest (Stillwater, MN) and Cypher (Fullerton, CA). There will be 5 Legends voted in by the fans, and 2 Legends who will qualify from the afternoon’s 64-man Open Tournament brackets. The winning Legend will take home bragging rights, $1000 cash, the rights to their name in gloving history and more prizes.

This year’s event will even have special performances including a headlining DJ set from EDM DJ, Bear Grillz. On top of that they’re bringing out one of today’s top dancers and one of gloving’s fondest admirers, World of Dance hostess Dytto. The showcase will also feature a favorite in the fingerstyles dance community, flying in from Pennsylvania, Animated J.

IGC is also featuring an LED hula hoop performance by Hooptown Hotties’ Miss Mojangles and PixieTails sponsored hooper Jenn Ranalli, and a special glow poi and glowsticking performance by Jaimison Salazar.

Leaders in the gloving, dance and flow arts communities will be leading workshops throughout the day. Guests can learn a lot of different gloving techniques including showmanship and mudra hand yoga, as well as learn to spin an LED Orbit. Sounds like a pretty cool event to check out if you’re into the EDM and light scene! I’ll definitely be there!

IGC is an all ages event and tickets are available at for only $10. The Yost Theatre is located at 307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA 92701.


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