Living Your Truth

“People cannot change who you are and what you were born to be. They can create obstacles in your path. They can do things that make you believe you are other than what you are, but people cannot change, alter, or in any way hinder the truth of your being. The truth is you are divine.” Iyanla Vanzant

Do you believe in your truth. Will you take a chance on it? Will you live it? These are questions that must be asked— choices that must be made. For the last few days, the word “choice” has hijacked my thoughts. It seemed to be in everything I read or watched and in nearly all of my conversations, during any topic— love and relationships, career aspirations, personal well being. Yet, they all had the same underlying theme: life is ultimately about choices. You can choose your truth or you can deny it. It’s as simple as that.

You can choose to ignore it. Some say ignorance is bliss, but that doesn’t apply when it comes to this. The desire to manifest your truth never goes away. It eats at your insides, eroding everything that was unique about you until one day you’re just a shell of yourself. It shadows over you, reappearing periodically and reminding you of everything you could have been and everything you chose to be instead.

You can choose to be sabotaged by people or obstacles. Then you can choose to spend the rest of your life complaining about those saboteurs. Yes, those people may try their best to keep your truth at bay and some may succeed for a time, but none will be more persuasive at denying you your truth than you. I understand that sometimes it’s easier to complain about what you couldn’t do, instead of just taking a chance and doing it but beware. Complaints will always fall upon deaf ears. People do not like to listen to a broken record twice.

If it requires hard work, you can choose to let that deter you but then I must ask: is your joy not worth the work? Do you think you’re not worth the fight? Are the people you love worth it? Your happiness has the ability to touch everyone around you, using you as a conduit as it infectiously runs through you and onto each person you encounter— mainly and most importantly to those you love. That reason alone makes it a pity to choose anything other than your truth.

“Choice is a divine teacher, for when we choose we learn that nothing is ever put in our path without a reason. When we stand still, refusing to choose, we miss the divine opportunity to develop our intuition and obey the whisperings of our heart.” Iyanla Vanzant


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