“Locke” Review

Ivan Locke is a good man.

However after fifteen years of marriage and nine years of loyalty to his company he suddenly finds his life collapsing around him as he drives across England, attempting to do the right thing after one wrong move. The camera never leaves his side nor his car as he journeys across highways and into the darkest night of his soul and the audience could not ask for a finer leading man than Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, Warrior). While the concept of a one-man, one-location movie could seem gimmicky Hardy elevates the story above melodrama and into an engaging and tragic view into the life of a man about to lose everything. This is not a silent movie as some would expect from a one-man show but Locke’s trials unfold over the course of the evening through phone calls from frantic coworkers and family (sharp eared listeners might recognize Andrew Scott, Moriarty from BBC’s fantastic Sherlock series) but this is very much Hardy’s movie.

Tom Hardy has been steadily growing in recognition as an actor, no small thanks to his pair of Christopher Nolan films (Inception and The Dark Knight Rises) but it has been films like Warrior and Bronson that have shown off his truly incredible acting range; it will be a crime if his performance in Locke goes unremembered come awards season. As the struggling Locke, Hardy can convey deep emotion just through his facial expressions and he shapes Locke for the audience as a flawed but ultimately good man. The story has many shades of Death of a Salesman but Hardy infuses Locke with a deep strength, desperate humor, and a grim determination to rise above his mistakes; an almost superhero feat throughout the course of the disastrous evening. Locke is an experimental film with it’s one-location setting and artistic camera angles but it’s also a deeply believable human story and one that deserves to be experienced as Ivan Locke drives us towards the end of his world. Locke is out now in select theaters.


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