“Macbeth”, Fassbender Get Dark And Gritty

As with any work of Shakespeare, you either love Macbeth or had to grind your way through it in high school.

Australian director Justin Kurzel looks to be bringing a “Game of Thrones”-art style to the classic tale with everyone waving swords and talking of assassination and with the general landscape set to a dark muddy hue. What looks to be setting this apart from your average Shakespeare adaptation is the talent behind and in front of the camera. While Kurzel  has only a handful of projects under his belt, his most recent feature film, the gritty and savage Snowtown, garnered a good deal of critical acclaim and has caused Kurzel to be named by more than a few critics as a director to watch. Stepping up as the infamous king and queen duo are none other than acting heavy weights Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard; the double billing of those two should drive most film geeks crazy with anticipation. While the film has been getting near-rapturous acclaim after its release at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, there is no set American release date; the film does come out in the UK on October 2nd for those of you who want to watch it in the story’s native land.



Photo Source: Screenshot from YouTube