Massachusetts Governor Signs Groundbreaking Reform

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, signed new measures into the current gun laws affecting the state on Wednesday. Associated Press reports that the new measures will have the following effect:

“The legislation allows police chiefs to ask courts to deny firearms identification cards needed to buy guns to individuals they feel are unfit to obtain them, toughens penalties for some gun-based crimes, creates an online portal for background checks in private gun sales, carves out a firearms trafficking unit within the state’s police department and requires that Massachusetts join the National Instant Background Check System.”

This is a huge step towards fire-arm reform, a hot-topic in today’s society, as the new law allows for stricter regulation of fire-arm sales and better background checks. Not only does this allow for better regulation of an already shaky gun sale system (see: Washington Naval Yard, Aurora Movie Theater, Sandy Hook), but it hopefully gets the wheels rolling across the nation for much needed gun reform.

As a proud citizen of the Commonwealth, I am more than excited to see how this new reform rolls out, and even more eager to see other states take similar measures. Whether you agree with gun use or not, one fact we can all agree on is that we have a problem with gun violence in this country. Steps like these are necessary to reach a better, and safer, tomorrow, without forcing fire-arm collectors and users from tossing their weapons.




Photo Source: The Boston Globe