Melodious Therapy, Rhythmic Treatment – The Magic of ‘Music’

Wish to add spice to your party?

  • Play some good music

Want to enjoy some alone ‘me’ time?

  • Listen to a great number

Looking for some motivation in life?

  • Listen to your favorite music

Feeling stressed and caught by the routine of life?

  • Unwind with your most loved album


An answer to every situation, music can have impact in various interesting ways. Fuel for the ears, peace for the mind, happiness for the soul, energy for the whole – combination of notes, lyrics, tune and voice into a wonderful masterpiece, this form of art appeals to each one alike. From new-born toddlers to school going kids, from college youth to mature adults, every age group enjoys itself under the melodious influence of music. United under the common grounds of feelings, emotions, experiences and thoughts, music can never be defined by boundaries or restricted by any limits.

Be it any language, region, form or country, music has the power to bring everyone together. Holding memories in the heart – our favorite song, genre, artist or album can bring magnified happiness to our ears. With a power to brighten every single experience, music can be amazing at any hour of the day. Unique for every event and appropriate for every occasion, music offers its enormous magic that spreads all around.

Music has an interesting ability to influence our mood. With fast tracks to energize our spirits, slow tunes to calm our mind, fun-filled numbers to celebrate life and traditional albums to attach us to our roots, music certainly does a great job for our mind and soul. Rhythmic play of words and tunes offer great stock of happiness. Striking a perfect chord in our heart, music can take us to a different land altogether. Bringing us closer to our inner self, music teaches us to experience the joy of living.

As we extract happiness from music, it unknowingly forms a strong bond. Offering us a key to delight, songs have the power to make us feel wonderful. Not limited to any location or time zone, when we listen to our favorite songs from any part of the world, it instantly connects us with a homely feeling. While singers, musicians, players and writers work hard to bring their music to life, we realize their efforts with tunes that fast forever.

With immense love for various kinds of music genre and an interest to sing them aloud, music and songs have been my companions since childhood. Enjoying the melody of a tune or exploring the rhythm of a song; listening to different forms of music has always been interesting by all means.

All these thoughts about music take me closer to the title of this article. As a therapy that can heal the sorrow in our heart and a treatment that can restore happiness in our mind, music is a melodious answer to many troubles in life.

What are the different ways in which music helps us? What are the features that appeal to us as a listener? Where does music store all its magic?

By answering questions to these melodious experiences,we realize the power of music is large indeed. Let us look at some of these connecting aspects of music, crafted by the musical fan in me. I am sure, these may prompt you to fall in love with it, over and over again!


  1. Music is the perfect tonic for a bad mood – when moments of loneliness fill our life with sorrow, anger brings hatred and boredom offers irritation, music is the perfect tonic to cure these troubles.

At times, voice of our favorite singer is all we need for a kick-start!


  1. Music is an excellent form of expression– a flawless method to convey our feelings, communicate our thoughts and express our emotions, music is a perfect way to deliver our dedications. With songs that can celebrate every relation and tunes that can lighten every occasion, it is undoubtedly excellent at its job.

When our vocabulary refuses to speak for us, rhythm of music does it all!


  1. Music does not demand any qualification – a form of art that can appeal to each one alike, appreciation of music does not require preparation, qualification or evaluation. With a rhythm that can reach every heart and mind, music is designed for an open access.

Enthusiastic ears are all you need to fall in its magic


  1. Music does not differentiate – differences between language, religion, culture, traditions, money, status, nationality or profession have no impact over music since its purpose is to bring everyone together. Though we may not understand a language or know about the tradition of a place, its music can still feel wonderful to the ears.

Music has only one identity- to reach the heart of its listeners


  1. Music holds memories – songs that we hear in different phases of our life, along with different people hold wonderful memories. Reminding us of our beautiful past, music can bring back those moments once again.

Listen to your favorite nursery rhyme to be a little child once again.


  1. Music tempts us to dream– motivating us to think about a bright future and inspiring us to aim about endless possibilities, music can carry us to a dreamland. While pondering about these factors far and wide, we gain strength for our attempts.

One motivational song can get you back on track.



Truly wonderful and fantastic, music has been holding great power since many many years. Soak in its magic and enjoy its presence for an interesting therapy and error-free treatment!


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