My Love/Hate Relationship with Drake

Because I knew him first as Jimmy from Degrassi, I was hesitant to take Drake seriously when it came to his hip-hop career. All I could focus on was this one episode where he raps at school in his wheelchair and it just played over and over again in my mind. I thought his attempt to make it in the game was laughable; he grew up acting on a Canadian TV show, not selling crack on the corner. Assuming his rap career had a close expiration date, I dismissed Drake as an artist and went along living my life.

“Please, please tell us your reality, J”

But then I found myself liking his music. I tried hard not to, I really did. I ignored the hilarious album cover memes, didn’t indulge the internet debates about his credibility, and stayed away from any YMCMB artists in case Drake had a verse in any of their songs. Things were going well until he released his most current album, Nothing was the Same.

Soon, nothing was the same. I found myself rapping along to “The Language” on the elliptical at the gym. “Come Thru” played in my car a few too many times. I didn’t even care that he spelled “through” in a ridiculous way! I knew things we’re starting to get serious when I almost made the caption on one of my Instagram photos “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” It’s been nine months and I’m still listening to this album. I think I’m finally ready to give Drizzy the credit he deserves. He might not be the most authentic rapper from the ‘hood but I can’t deny his talent as an artist.



Photo Source: The Come Up Show