Nike Designs Plane Catered for Athletes

A few days ago, Nike unveiled plans of a high-tech plane that will cater to sports teams and athletes. This plane will have a variety of high-tech features including a massage area, recovery station, beds to sleep in, training areas, and a variety of other amenities. Nike has teamed up with Teague, an avaition design team based in Seattle, Washington, in order to offer Athelete’s the best travel possible when they are heading to different cities for their away games. This plane can revolutionize sports and bring home court, field, or stadium advantage down and can give athletes the opportunity to use every precious minute traveling and do something meaningful with it. It’s still not confirmed that this plane will actually be built, but the following pictures will hopefully spark some interest with sports teams to push for this dream plane to become a reality. Enjoy!

nike airplane 3 nike airplane 4 nike airplane 5 nike airplane 7 nike airplane 8


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