No Cameras Allowed

No Cameras Allowed is a new film out by James Marcus Haney. If you’re anyone that enjoys music festivals or live music, this is a film that you need to watch! We were lucky enough to get a chance to check out the World Premier live at the Wiltern in Los Angeles and it was spectacular! The hosts, KCRW put on a great event debuting the film, which included a Q&A with Marcus Haney and a few cast members and a live acoustic performance from Young the Giant.

The films is a story about how Marcus Haney’s life changes when he decided to sneak into Coachella posing as a member of the press. He would eventually continue to sneak into some of the biggest music festivals (Ultra Music Festival, Glastonbury, & Bonnaroo) and events in the world (The Grammy’s) gaining backstage access to artists like Skrillex and Jay Z. This even led to him being invited on a train to tour with one of his favorite bands, Mumford & Sons, while almost losing his closest friends and girlfriend in the process. It’s definitely a film that I highly suggest watching. It even got a stand ovation after the show. The trailer was taken down due to a copyright request, but this video below still has a few clips from the film. Check it out.

The Wiltern was a great venue for the premier as well. If you have never been to the Wiltern, it’s a neat venue that shows all sorts of shows, performances, movies, and more. You can even grab a beer, other alcoholic beverages, snacks, or a popcorn from the multiple bars at the Wiltern. The lobby is also a pretty cool place to check out other artistic pieces that may be on display. Depending on the show for the night, it could make for the perfect date or night out with friends.


It’s also in heart of Koreatown in LA, which makes for a beautiful scene at night after the show. The Wiltern also has many amazing nightlife and entertainment attractions nearby, including all you can eat Korean BBQ. Or you can end the night off with the LA special “Dirty Dogs,” which are bacon wrapped street vendor hot dogs. They’re amazing after any LA nightlife event that includes alcohol.


Overall impression… No Cameras Allowed, The Wiltern, Beer, Food, a Q&A, Young the Giant, and in Koreatown makes for one good night. Check out the movie if you get a chance!


Photo Source: CJ Berina of Collective Lifestyle