Out With The Old, In With The New

Welcome to the year 2015 folks! Please fasten your seat belts, we’re about to take it up a notch. But before we do, we at Collective Lifestyle want to take a look back at an amazing 2014.

Back on March 2014, we put up our very first post welcoming everyone to our site, now we have hit over 900 posts and are still going strong. With over 100 people contributing to our site during our 2014 campaign, we are really proud of all our contributors. from one time contributor, Michael Pineda’s recap of Hard Summer 2014, to the countless articles of the all powerful Wyeth Leslie.

Here’s a timeline of some of our most viewed posts of 2014.

April 15- The Strange Case of Will and William West: How Law Enforcement Learned the Importance of Fingerprinting

April 20- Eeyore’s Birthday: Fun and Freaky at Austin’s April Bash

May 27- The Dark Sides of Preparing for The World Cup 2014 in Brazil,

May 27- Proper Goddess Worship: Sexing up Long Term Monogomy

June 10- 10 Saddest Video Game Moments Of This Generation

July 11- The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

August 13- Fall Into Style

August 25- Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Brand of Feminism in ‘Anaconda’ Music Video

October 31- Hello Kitty Con 2014

November 4- No-Shave November is Here!

December 8- LA Fire Lights Up Downtown Los Angeles Overnight 


Because of amazing articles like these, we’ve been able to steadily increase our readership and our contributor numbers each month. Creativity is contagious and we hope this trend continues into the new year. We will be finding new ways to continue bringing high quality posts to our readers and we are always looking for new and talent writers to join our team.

And just a tidbit to think about, I’ve noticed that when it comes to New Year, people tend to look towards the future by making resolutions and goals and/or reflect on the past year and all the memories that had over the last 12 months. It’s like the present took a day off. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but I’ve really come to appreciate taking a step back and just being in the moment once in awhile. So if you get the chance to today, or if you remember this next new years, just stop what you’re doing, release all your thoughts about the past and future, and just take a second and take the world in. Happy New Years!