Pixar Brings Us “The Good Dinosaur”

At long last, Pixar has finally pulled back the curtains on its long gestating prehistoric picture about what life would be like if dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct. With production beginning all the way back in 2009, The Good Dinosaur has had its release date constantly shuffled around by the studio and its parent company, Disney, but now the film is finally coming out and this year too. The story finds a young Apatosaurus named Arlo who winds up lost and far away from his home but while in the process of finding his way back he befriends a young cave boy named Spot. While the plot on paper sounds terribly cliche, this is the Pixar we all know and love who have made a career out of taking cliches and making them into fun and emotional movies. This year we are actually graced with two Pixar films, with  Inside Out arriving June 19th and is already being met with stellar reviews; one can only hope Pixar’s dinosaur tale is a worthy double-feature ending. The Good Dinosaur releases into theaters November 25th.



Photo Source: Pixar