Reboot: A New Year of Challenges

December 31st is the last day in the year and the one day, everyone in the world begin to reflect upon their successes, shortcomings, and the potential to “own” the upcoming year. The moment, the statement, “this year, is going to be my year” rushes through your mind, is the second the list of goals formally known as New Year’s Resolutions start to form. It is the one piece of New Year’s culture that many attempt to avoid because we inevitably forget the claims made or did not execute them as planned. It is imperative to remember that the following year should be better than the last, filled with every opportunity engaged instead of missed and continually growing stronger and better each year.  There is no better way to become better than to challenge yourself socially, mentally, and professionally by going for every dream and walking through every open door.

Charles Darwin believed in survival of the fittest and many of us strive to survive and maintain our homes, cars, and comfortable lifestyles through working jobs that provide us with minimal satisfaction and seem to be far from our dreams, but assist in coping with reality. During the next year, take the opportunity to “Reboot” your life by exploring unheeded ideas and journeys. The fear of the unknown is the one thing that keeps people living in the same city, same neighborhoods, and working for the same company or in the same industry all of their lives. The same fear that accompanies the unknown may also be liberating and empowering, if embraced. The idea of rebooting may be to achieve your ultimate dreams and goals, but being financially and mentally prepared is just as necessary because there are plenty of obstacles and negativity to demolish in hopes of reaching happiness and success. As millennials, young entrepreneurs, and students let us accept the opportunities and challenges of the New Year with the strength required to chase our dreams.


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