Reefer Madness: A Fading Memory?


I’ll use any excuse to share a clip from the 2005 Movie Musical Reefer Madness: it’s over the top musical numbers and (intentional) horrible acting is not far off from the original 1936 propaganda film of the same name. When Reefer Madness was originally made in the late 30s, it was full of ‘facts’ and ‘horror stories’ of what would happen to the youth of America if they were to smoke marijuana, all of them ridiculous and false. However, the original movie’s warnings and misconceptions about the drug have prevailed in American’s minds for decades, and are still prevalent in many minds today.

Though, the tides on the marijuana debate are changing with every passing day, with two states legalizing the drug for adults (Washington and Colorado) and 19 more with legalized medical marijuana for patients seeking the healing properties of the drug. Now, after the approval of an amendment in the US House of Representatives last week we are one step closer to medical marijuana becoming decriminalized (in those states that have already passed it) by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well.

In laymen’s terms, the amendment tells the DEA that they can no longer spend funds to target medical marijuana users and producers in states where it has already been legalized. Ultimately, forcing the DEA to stop raids on state law abiding medical marijuana growers and dispensaries, as well as stop them from arresting state law abiding medical marijuana cardholders.

The amendment met a good amount of opposition in the House of Representatives, but was successfully passed on a bipartisan vote of 219-189. Proving that our lawmakers, like the public, have turned a page on their reefer madness past and are looking to the future.

The amendment still has to make it through the Senate and a joint conference before it goes into affect, but with bipartisan support, it has a good chance of becoming law.



Photo Source: Reefer Madness Musical